Meet Our Board

Board members at retreat
front, L-R: Kathy Carter, Alice Underhill, MaryLane Stine, Janet Peregoy, Sandy Epperson, Sandra McKinney (Executive Director). back, L-R: Jim Slaughter, Bill Rivenbark, JoAnn Kerrick, Glenn Clairmont, Donna Marshall (outgoing ED). not shown: Keith Merritt, Susan Moffat-Thomas, Karen Segal

The Board of Directors of Craven Literacy Council posed for this group photo at their annual retreat held May 19. From the newest directors who are only a few months into their service to veteran directors who have over 6 years on our Board, this is a committed, dedicated bunch.

Each year at the retreat the Board learns about some aspect of nonprofit operations from a guest speaker and finalizes the budget and strategic plan for the upcoming fiscal year. This year’s focus was on our literacy programs, which CLC staff presented in a fun and engaging manner.

Thank you to our wonderful Board of Directors for their work  improving literacy skills to empower adults and improve lives.

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