Welcome, Winter

holly berries inwinterDecember 21 was the first day of winter, and staff here at Craven Literacy Council began our 2-week year-end break. All of us are looking forward to some time away from the office and a chance to decompress.

Of course, we plan to enjoy this time off and celebrate the joys of the season with family and friends. We wish the same for all of you, our loyal supporters. Enjoy!

Please do check back with us in January as we begin another exciting and productive year empowering adults through literacy.

Spotlight on a Volunteer

Jane Ashford teaching Craven Literacy Council is honored and fortunate to count Jane Ashford as one of our literacy volunteers. Jane’s life has been one of service to our community, most recently to the Burmese refugees who resettle in and around New Bern.

Teaching English to non-native English speakers is a natural fit for Jane’s enthusiasm for teaching and supporting self-sufficiency in individuals. Read her full profile here in the New Bern SunJournal.

Learning to Read at 48

Earl Mills is one of CLC’s biggest literacy success stories and now one of our biggest boosters. Earl raised a family and enjoyed 30 years of successful employment in New Bern, NC – all while hiding a secret from his children and his employer: he could barely read.  In his 40’s Earl finally turned to Craven Literacy Council for help.

open bookNow a published author and frequent inspirational speaker, Earl tells his story to others, vividly conveying the fear that came with hiding this secret throughout his adult life.  He also shares the sheer determination it took for him to become a reader.

Read more of Earl’s story here in the New Bern SunJournal.