Celebrate International Literacy Day

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International Literacy Day is September 8

We celebrate and support literacy every day because we are, after all, Craven Literacy Council. Today, September 8, 2015, is International Literacy Day–a day when the whole world takes special note of the importance of literacy.

UNESCO proclaimed International Literacy Day on November 17, 1965 to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. Strong skills in reading, writing,¬† computing and using technology are the prerequisite for individuals to learn a broader set of knowledge, attitudes and values necessary for living productive lives in today’s communities.

Encourage an adult who does  not read well to come see us for free, confidential help. Talk to us about tutoring opportunities. Get involved and help us stamp out low literacy.

cravenliteracy.org, 252-637-8079, 2507 Neuse Blvd, New Bern NC


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